GETTING TO the albergues of Ferreira (Ponte Ferreira and A Nave)

Both albergues are situated in Ferreira, at the Primitive Way, 800m away from each other. You only have to follow the Camino from Lugo, clearly marked, to walk passed A Nave first, and Ponte Ferreira afterwards. Between the two albergues is the Ferreira River, which you will crosss, and its little Roman Bridge.




After San Román de Retorta you will walk through the hamalets of Burgo de Negral, Vilacarpide and Pacio. The next small group of houses is called A Covela, which is a part of the village of Ferreira. Here you will find Albergue A Nave, right after a small bar. It is 7,4km from San Román and 26km from Lugo.



If you are heading to Albergue Ponte Ferreira, once you pass Albergue A Nave, the little Roman Bridge of Ferreira is 500m further on. Right after crossing the river you will turn right and, after climbing up a small, beautiful ‘corredoira’ (narrow, vegetation-surrounded, pedestrian paths typical of the Galician countryside), you will again reach the road, where you will find the albergue at just 150m following the Camino:


Pilgrim crossing over the Roman Bridge of Ferreira


‘Corredoira’ that will take you from the Roman Bridge to Albergue Ponte Ferreira


If you still have trouble getting to any of our albergues, you can call us at +(34) 616 161 594 and we will try to help you 🙂

You have additional information on how to plan your stage from Lugo to Ferreira in this link.